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Rohingya: A Pawn in The Grand Political Scheme


The Mind of PAS President

Conflict resolution efforts for the Rohingya crisis, which has not come to an end to this day, are intentionally prolonged, presumably because those who are affected by it are the Muslims who are rightfully entitled to their homeland from the moment they were born into this world several centuries in the past.

All in all, there should be no doubt that they are part of the natives, just like the Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Mon, Arakanese, Shan and various other non-Muslim ethnic groups.

This ongoing issue is just an implication of British colonial strategies, among which is leaving behind ticking time bombs in every state that was to be granted independence. Yet, Muslims become the main target. This is what the colonizers did in Palestine, Cyprus, Kashmir and Myanmar.

Even when the expulsion of Rohingya from their homeland reached its peak, the issue is still taken lightly. The only time such issue is given serious consideration is when the Serbs were on the brink of defeat, while the Bosniak – a Muslim ethnic group were close to achieving victory during the Bosnia-Herzegovina crisis. The notion that there will be a Muslim country in the heart of Europe is unpleasant to the West.

On the other hand, if Islam is practiced with communism just like in Albania, it is totally permitted. This is an instance of their double standard towards Islam.

The Rohingya are in a dilemma, either to remain in their homeland defending it or to temporarily migrate and pick up the rest of the fight later, or, in a last-ditch effort, they could become refugees and never return to their homeland, simultaneously surrendering it over to Myanmar. As a matter of fact, this is the strategy the Myanmar government is going with. They encourage refugees to flee by providing them with ample facilities for them to do so, along with those who are banished due to crime and other reasons.

Malaysia is a sanctuary that has been receiving many Rohingya immigrants. Yet, PAS’s stance with regard to this matter differs with those in the Pakatan Harapan (PH), which used to let the Muslims’ voice gone unheeded when they are in power, that are leaning in favour of Aung San Suu Kyi’s agenda who is one of the liberal figures that they hold in high regard. In addition, some individuals from certain parties also participated in the trial to defend Myanmar in the Court of Justice.

The coup that is taking place now is part of a political scheme perpetrated by America and China. The army is sheltered by the power of its proxy, while Aung San Suu Kyi in the opposing side also has her own proxy. Therefore, the Malaysian government should consider the humanitarian aspect by taking into account their political scheme which requires the government to tread its steps carefully.

The act of defending the Rohingya is not merely motivated by political election in Malaysia. Similarly, the refugee crisis is not merely used as a material to gain votes without failing to understand that, Islam requires the ownership of the land to be returned to the Muslims, specifically the Rohingya.

Their struggle to reclaim the rights to their homeland must be assisted, instead of facilitating the way for the Rohingya to surrender in the face of injustice by handing over their homeland for free.

The problem is that only the Muslims are forced to become refugees, while other non-Muslim ethnic groups do not have to suffer the same fate.

PAS, whose agenda is to uphold Islam, should not be caught up in the anti-Islamic agenda that takes advantage of other non-Muslim groups or the Muslim groups that tried to defend Islam with zero political awareness. In the end, they are inadvertently manipulated by the agenda of anti-Islamic groups in the guise of liberalism.

PAS President
Date: 13 Rajab 1442 / 25th February 2021